Tuesday, September 30, 2008


"President Palin."

Try that on for size.

Frankly folks, the phrase makes my eyeballs freeze over.

But maybe you like the ring of it.

If so, vote for John McCain.

McCain, the oldest man ever to run for the presidency, has 1-1/2 feet in the grave already: in addition to his advanced age, he also has skin cancer.

And he refuses to show his med records. Gee -- I wonder why? If he's in such good health, why's he afraid to bounce out proof of it?

Over the last few weeks, the issues of John McCain's age and health have been pushed, with much resistance, back into the heart of the political discussion. Prompted in part by the selection of Sarah Palin as the Republican vice presidential candidate, the topic crested with the release of a political advertisement calling attention to McCain's history of skin cancer and the need for more information about his medical records.

Cable news stations were too skittish to run the spot, produced by Brave New PAC. CNN refused to air it, Fox's Bill O'Reilly called it shameful, and MSNBC, which initially aired the ad, reversed course and took it off the air.

All of which has come to the anger and befuddlement of Democrats as well as members of the medical community, both of whom ask a very basic question: what more important information is needed to elect a president other than his fitness for office?

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