Thursday, September 04, 2008

Bush Critics GOING TO HELL

The pastor of Republican Vice-Presidential pick Sarah Palin "...preached that critics of President Bush will be banished to hell...."
Sign me up, St. Pete. Wherever they go -- that's where I wanna be.


Paul said...

It amazes me that anyone would ever want to honour a deity who can assign people to hell for eternity for something done in a few short moments of a human life. Imprisoning someone without a definite release date is cruel and unjust (no imprisoning someone period is cruel and unjust). Torturing someone for eternity is so way off the scale it should be absurd and unbelievable that anyone could even begin to honour a deity associated with such things.

But then torture without hope of release seems to be par for the course for our so called leaders too.

Sign me up too for heaven for eternity with the patriarchal bullies seems like a worse hell than hell to me.

Athana said...

Personally, Paul, I think belief in a deity who assigns humans to an underground torture chamber for eternity, should be grounds for committing the believer to an institution for mental detox.

I'm going to throw this idea out there. Maybe it's something the world should be working toward.

Freedom of religion is one thing. Spreading ideas that have lead the world to the sorry mess it's in right now, is another.

Anonymous said...

Obama is no better -- following Black Liberation Racist Theology
for over 20 years.

~ Susan

Athana said...

Susan, Obama denounced his pastor. Wanna bet on the possibility that Palin will denounce hers?