Tuesday, August 07, 2007


In your megachurch this Sunday, here's a sprightly little tune to sing along with "Onward Christian Soldiers" and "The Battle Hymn of the Republic":

“Christian, dost thou see them
On the holy ground?
How the troops of Midian
Prowl and prowl around?

"Christian, up and smite them,
Counting gain but loss;
Smite them by the merit
Of the holy cross.”
In The God Delusion, Richard Dawkins said he used to sing this hymn in church Sundays (Dawkins 2006: 245).

Babies, as long as we drop on bended knee in front of primitive desert war gods, we will ... always ... have ... war.


lizz.duff said...


Please keep up your sacred blog! I start my computer day with it, before slogging onto the latest accounts of YAJ trashing the planet.

But a basic question in this land of christians (I refuse to capitalize)and christian-derangeds: how to assert Goddess? How to acclaim Her in a country utterly saturated with YAJ--even the secularists who deny any spirituality?? These last folks, wonderful activists many of them, are so consumed with rejecting YAJ, they cannot move on to Her. For them YAJ has co-opted all spirituality--and ruined it forever.

My circles you'd think would be propitious for Goddess: anti-war and climate change activists. I just started One Earth, a climate change activist group that is directly inspired by Her. When I drop the "G" -word, Goddess, I get complete silence, from females, from males, from all.

So, give me some practical suggestions, please. Form my own Goddess group?

Love to you,


Anne Johnson said...

Duff: Form your own Goddess group. We can't have enough of them.

Athana: Let us not forget that old Methodist favorite, "A mighty fortress is our god, a bulwark never failing."

Paul said...

There are signs that things are changing. I have just returned from the 12th Glastonbury Goddess Conference. This year two of the priestesses were interviewed live on BBC1 (The premier TV Channel in the UK) along with footage from the Conference.

The studio discussion was far from unsympathetic apart from Roy Hattersley (once deputy leader of the Labour Party) who suggested that the women at the Conference needed urgent help. But then his ignorance only shows him up against the open priestesses.

Duff do form a Goddess Group. As Anne says, we cannot have enough of them.



Athana said...

anne, thank you for the song! I'd forgotten all about Mighty Fortress. I pulled out an old hymnal and looked it up. Someone had underlined this in ink: "our ancient foe does seek to work us woe with craft and power great, and armed with cruel hate...." Of course most modern Christians would insist the "foe" here refers to the Devil, but it's obvious these lines could be used for any kind of hate you wanted to fan the flames of.

Athana said...

Paul, that is great news about the live coverage on BBC1. The UK is ahead of the US on this. As far as I know we've had no comparable national-news coverage in the US, yet I think media coverage of all kinds is the only way we're going to get people in general to see the awesome power and beauty we see in the Goddess.

Athana said...

Duff, yes, start a Goddess group and keep One Earth going too. We need someone like you talking to secularists. Tell One Earth they don't have to believe in religion. They just have to know that most people will, that what's believed in now is killing us, and that nothing's going to do any good until we replace the world's gods of war with a religion that's egalitarian and unconditionally loving.

caroline said...

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