Sunday, August 26, 2007


This is the type of site that makes my blood clot in my veins: Restoration: Reaching America’s Oldest Cultures through Practical Acts of God’s Love.

Christians poking at American Indians again – in this case the Hopi, one of the last groups to keep their mother goddess (mostly ‘cause they plunked their villages on mesatops and carved trails up the mesas so narrow no one could get their horses up them).

What makes this dud of a group think the Hopi want to be “reached”? In my head I see a cartoon of the Hopi running for their lives across the desert at the sight of these “Restoration” bogeymen.

I mean, haven’t the Christians done enough bone-breaking damage to the Hopi? First the Spanish Conquistadores called them "heathens" and tortured them for gold.

A little later Spanish missionaries tortured them in the name of Christ. In addition to torture they pumped the Hopi into forced labor, “summoned” Hopi women for sexual favors, and tried to take down the Hopi Mother Goddess. Hopis caught practicing their age-old religion were either “whipped or executed” (Billard 1979: 174).

Although usually peaceful and nonviolent, the Hopi have never been shy about fighting for their rights. So after being manhandled by the Spanish for a few decades they banded together with their Pueblo cousins and in 1680 royally routed these Spanish rogues.

Then in the mid 1800s in stomped the Anglos with their missionaries and government policies (Dozier 1970: 88). From about 1900-1920, the Mesa villages snapped and popped. For adults there was the U.S. Religious Crimes Code, designed to root and stomp out Indian religion.

For kids there was an even finer delight: the Indian boarding school. Against their parents’ will children were carted off to these re-education camps and cracked open like nuts (Dozier 1970: 115). Pueblo English professor Paula Gunn Allen says “…millions of Indian people were educated in boarding schools … wherein serious sexual and other kinds of physical abuse, neglect, terrorization, starvation, and humiliation were the order of the day…” (1992: xiii-xiv).

Just in case they don’t know squat about their Christian history I’m sending Restoration a copy of this post

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sopka said...

I used have a catholic org ask me for money and sending me dreamcatcher key chains they stopped when I sent them a letter telling them how offensive I found that now that in that community they have destroyed the indians religion and now use the cute parts to make money.

Athana said...

Good going sopka! The Church needs to know the jig's up. The emperor has no clothes.

Morgaine said...

This makes me sick. Christianity is the worst plague that ever befell the First Nations. I want all these bead-jigglers to get the hell out of Indian Country and leave us the hell alone so we can rebuild our cultures. They've done enough damage, thank you.

Good post, Athana.

Athana said...

Hard to believe, isn't it morgaine, that without their war gods shaping them into monsters, Anglos and others would be as normal as the Pueblo used to be.