Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Calling all goddessites who are political-organizer types: I call for a Goddess Party focused on the abolition of status hierarchy, social violence (including of course war), egocentric self-centeredness, sensual prudery, and the lack of a sense of humor.

Got any ideas for a good name?


annie kelleher said...

how's about J.U.G.s...that will be Just Us Girls?

i love your site...i've been lurking for a while. thank you for all your great ideas!

Morgaine said...

I say keep it simple - a Goddess party is what we would be, so let's call it that. We have to get people used to hearing the word Goddess and dealing with the idea of the feminine divine.

Athana said...

Thnx for your input annie, morgaine. If they read this blog, whoever starts the Party will have some input. Although since there are a growing number of men interested in the Goddess, it's as likely to be a man who starts the Party as a woman, and if so he'd probably want a name that includes him, like maybe GLADD -- Goddess Loves All Dudettes and Dudes. Although this name of course misses the double entendre yours included, annie.