Sunday, August 05, 2007


Evidence has it that Robin Hood was not a man but a god (just one bit of evidence: in a 1639 pamphlet published in London he’s depicted by the Church as a pagan god).

At the same time, Maid Marian seems to have been “the Goddess Maerin, or Marian, or Mari-Anna, the Saxon wudu-maer, literally the Mary or the Mother of the Grove” (Barbara Walker 1983: 858; Robert Graves 1991: 396).

So why not revive Robin and Marion’s true identities?

King Arthur too seems to have been a god demoted by Jehovah the Jealous to mere mortal status.

Likewise, before Jehovah trotted in to Britain and sank his hooks in them, many of the women in the Arthurian legends were goddesses too.

And while our old gods Robin and Arthur push truth, beauty and justice, Jehovah, who stole their lands, pushes – what? -- mostly himself.

Mostly all Jehovah digs is allegiance, the licking of his boots (“Do not worship any other god, for the lord, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God.” ~ Exodus 34: 14).

So the upshot is, we with British heritage are hiding our shining, superior deities simply because this green-eyed dud named Jealous has demanded it. Hm.
thnx to Bekisjak for the foto of what's heralded as the grave of Arthur at Glastonbury


Anne Johnson said...

Robert Anton Wilson identified Four Gentry of Sidhe as Robin, Marian, Orphee, and Bride.

Took a carload of girls to Lughnasadh today, and one of them is named Bridgit Morgan. Roman Catholic. Her mother named her after "Saints." OH PLEEEEEEEZE!

Hey, Jealous! You are not pretty.

Amy Farmer said...

Excellent post. I've always loved mythology and folklore. I watched the entire first season of the BBC America Robin Hood and I plan on watching the second season.
I've definitely heard about Robin and Marion as the Green Man and the Goddess before. Clearly there is something there. The Celts didn't write their mythology so most of what survives was designed to get past xian censors. Thus a lot of Gods and Goddesses were transformed into mere mortals.

Aquila ka Hecate said...

More than one of the older covens in England use Robin and Marian as names for their HP and HPS.

Coven leaders or Deity, both seem a better fit than fairy tale.

But then, much of Goddess is already hidden in fairy tale, isn't it?

Terri in Joburg

Athana said...

Anne I hope you set Bridgit Morgan straight about her name.

Athana said...

amy, in the BBC Robin Hood series, have you ever thought to yourself that Robin and Marian both seem to have powers beyond the ordinary?

Athana said...

Terri, I wonder why it's the older covens? I wonder if they knew things about R & M that didn't get passed down to the younger crowd? Hm.

Anonymous said...

isn't the pamphlet you refer to describing Robin Goodfellow? I think I know the one you mean. Robin Goodfellow is Puck in a midsummer night's dream. There is no 100% certain connection between Robin Goodfellow and Robin Hood, but I think they are probably one and the same.