Thursday, May 07, 2015


Are we blaming women for the mess we're in?

For the globe’s swelling excess of human flesh? 

The burgeoning bitterness toward women: is it because there’s a glut of us? 

Babies come from women’s wombs, yes, and we live on a finite planet.  Even if each womb produced only 1.5 surviving children we’d eventually wipe ourselves off the globe.

But don’t blame women.  Unless there's a gun to her head no woman produces more kids than she can handle.  And few want to raise their rapist’s child.  

I promise:  If women ran the birth-control and abortion clinics we'd not be in this mess.   

No, women are not to blame.  The blame lands smack on the hoary head of Yahweh/Allah/Jehovah, “YAJ” for short, the god of Abraham.  Although many think he’s three separate gods, he’s really only one:  a primitive desert war god.

YAJ needs to be chucked.  His "best when used by" date came and went a few millennia ago.     


Dmh Frou said...

Women have been second class citizens (or even less!) for the entire human history, how can we be "blamed" for anything?

Men have created the absurd chaos that we live in, because their minds are crippled by arrogance and materialism. They are the oppressors and controllers, of women and other men alike.

In fact, they act by fear, because they cannot stand the fact that women are more naturally and spiritually connected with the rest of the Creation than they are. I believe that this is a direct result of the Essential Feminity of the Universe. The masculine essence is provisional, temporary, while the feminine essence is ethernal and directly connected with God, our Mother.

They are afraid of losing their control and proclaimed superiority over the rest of the Universe, therefore they have created the great mess called human society, based on conflict and chaos, to justify their only important attribute, which is their ability to fight, among themselves and with all other creatures.

Men are warriors, and need conflict and disharmony to justify their own existence.

In this case, if we think of an evolved society as marked by high level of harmony among its inhabitants and with Nature around them, I guess that, at some point of the evolution of humanity, it's fair to question even the necessity of the existence of men.

In my mind, this reasoning doesn’t mean an hostile point of view against men, but a justified attempt to make human life less prone to misery and unnecessary, continued conflict.

Athana said...

You bring up some excellent points, Dmh! I love your phrase "the Essential Femininity of the Universe." "Feminine" is a synonym for birthing, for "creating new life." Once upon a time there was only one sex -- and it was feminine, female, with the ability to grow new life within itself, so that when the new life detached itself from the feminine body, it was able to survive on its own.

The masculine came much, much later. Masculine has no ability to grow new life within itself such that when that life detaches itself it can survive on its own.

In patriarchal cultures, warriors are typically men. And you might be right: patriarchal men might need war to justify their existence. In the ancient pre-patriarchal goddess cultures, in which war was absent, men of course could not justify their existence through warfare.

I'd like to see us return somehow to those pre-patriarchal goddess-based ways of life.