Saturday, May 23, 2015


Here Mr. Roger Olson works like Hades to shoot female-ness into his testosterone-saturated deity, Yahweh/Allah/Jehovah (YAJ).

Mr. Roger knows the natives are getting restless.  The Great Unwashed are catching on: the male body fails to give birth, to create new life, and so can hardly be the Creator of the Universe.

The result is pure comedy.  Like a vine swaying in a wind, Mr. Roger goes back and forth, back and forth: “Yes, God is our Father,” but “No, God has no sex,” and “Part of the Father is a Mother.”  And so forth. 

Mr. Roger and his Commenters get into some truly high-octane nit-picking, hair-splitting mumbo jumbo.  (In my head I’m now seeing a cartoon of the mighty YAJ, spear raised, standing on his mountaintop in a seersucker skirt.)

A small hors-d’oeuvres tray of the flapdoodle:
“...let me affirm that, yes, God is our Mother.” “...we [should] address God [as]: “Our Father who is also like a Mother….” "...God is neither ... male nor female...”“...while we pray to God as Father we do not mean that God is male...”
But, but, but, Mr. Roger!  Which is it?  Is your god a Mother, or just “like a Mother”?  And what kind of mother on your side of the looking glass isn’t female? 

And begging your pardon, sir, but if your god isn’t male, you won’t mind if we call her “Mother Goddess”? 

Actually, YAJ isn’t even a Father, let alone a Mother.  He’s the psycho uncle your dad once tried to lock away in your attic.  He’s the child molester banned from your city parks and schools.  He’s the bogeyman -- invented 6000 years ago by primitive desert people gone mad from starvation.   

And he’s driving all of us – plants, animals and humans alike – crazy and straight off the planet. 

We need to ditch him ASAP for a true Mother deity, one who loves us unconditionally (and doesn’t give us high-fives every time we start a war). 

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