Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Given that the world is a mess (who can dispute it?), and that men have run the world for 6000 years (no dispute here either), it’s easy to see why one of my wonderful commenters recently opined that “it's fair to question even the necessity of the existence of men.”

To me the evidence shows that before about 4000 BC the world worked OK -- even with men in it.  Also, in many modern indigenous societies, men are sweet things, courageous and manly (see peacefulsocieties.org). 

So we could try to make things right by rubbing out men -- invent a drug that smushes the male fetus, for example, slip it into the world’s drinking water, and – voila! – men gone.

The problem is, blotting out the male sex would not blot out patriarchal culture* – a way of life in which societies are ruled by a small group of elites.  In a trice, a few power-hungry women would stomp all over the rest of us, and in no time we’d be right back where we started from.  

My preference: a return to the pre-patriarchal cultures covering the globe before 4000 BC (and even beyond; these gorgeous cultures didn’t all disappear in 4000 BC; they only began to disappear then). 

In the old peaceful, nonviolent societies everyone was equally valuable.  According to the evidence people were organized around female deity.  Men were courageous, handsome, manly hunks who revered women.** 
*Culture: learned, shared, patterned behavior manifest in art and artifact, and passed on from one generation to the next ad infinitum.  Cultures are like giant spider webs.  They are hard to change because tapping one part of the web to change, means all other parts of the web must change too. 

**For more on this, see Switching to Goddess: Humanity’s Ticket to the Future.  Buy it HERE and get it delivered FREE anywhere in the world.  

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