Friday, April 24, 2015


At Beltane, “the emphasis placed on  (hetero!)sexual activity and fertility can be alienating for many -- including children....  

“The biggest issue with children ... is that they simply do not understand the themes presented....  A huge part of the holiday goes completely over their heads....

“To help with this, I’ve tried to isolate a few of the major themes of Beltane ... and re-frame them in a way that instinctively makes sense to kids:

     “LOVE – love is a huge part of Beltane, and it’s not just sexual or love for a partner.  Talk to your children about their love for family, friends, and the world around them....    
     “PASSION – what is your child passionate about?  Sexual passion is certainly not the only kind there is!  

     “CREATIVITY – when you break it down far enough, the magic of fertility is all about an act of creation.  Plan a rite that features a craft or activity that gives your child an opportunity to make something, to bring something new into the world....”

 Thanks to Molly Khan at PaganFamilies for this (nice ideas, Molly!); go HERE for more. 

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