Sunday, June 21, 2009


It’s no accident that the Christian Bible is peppered over 300 times with the words “war” and “warrior.”

It’s no accident either that the History Channel offers almost nothing but shows on war and the bloody, blood-soaked Abrahamic religions*.

Fact is, there’s a wicked chilling link between war and the Abrahamaic religions*: It’s the Abrahamic and other war religions that cause war.

So how do we rid the world of war? Well, unless you’re willing and able to scrap the war religions, might as well forget it and go home, prop your dogs up, and snooze.

*The Abrahamaic religions are Christianity, Judaism and Islam. So few differences exist among these three that they might as well be one religion. And since they spread like cancer, they now infect over half (53%) of the people in the world.
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AnnaPerenna said...

Not only half the world population, those religions affect most of the rest of the world too. How I yearn for a spot or social construction untouched and unruined by those daddy warriors. Even medicine uses this warrior language "fight the disease, fight cancer, pain must be fought"

I call them shepherd religions - the religion about the power of the shepherds (priests) over the flock (society). They are theocracies. Theocracies where only the shepherd priests decide, what is the law and who is a sinner (criminal). This is a threat to civil, secular laws and ethics, of course.
In old days some alpha females and males ruling over their flocks saw the profits of theocracy and joined theocracies, so they could get a cut of the milking the flock (pharaos, emperors, caesars and so on). But even those usually never mixed theocracy laws with the civil laws, ethics and society needs (crimes against eachoter was not a crime against the divine ruler, or rites of passage for instance - was there ever any pharao or caesar demanding that newborn babies would be criminals from birth unless they joined their cult, or sex without marriage was a sin unless approved by them?)
What I'm trying to say is the other theocracies of the world were surprisingly pluralistic and polytheistic. Divine pharaos or even caesars didn't demand all citizens should forget their former gods and rites of home and barn, but instead they demanded their cult along all the other gods.
The Abraham theocracies of the world hate competition and they try to abolish the laws and ethics of secular societies, which they would love to milk. I write this with sorrow, coming from a European theocratic country myself, and looking with utter horror on other theocracies like the worst muslim ones or USA where the fight is still on between secularity and theocracy.

Athana said...

Yeah, that's right, even though "only" 53% of the world is now YAJite, YAJ has managed to spread his ugliness to almost all the nooks and crannies of the globe.

I like your term "shepherd religions." Brings up all kinds of apt analogies:

YAJ people as sheep, following each other blindly.

Shepherds with their crooks, beating sheep over the backs if they *don't* follow each other blindly.

The isolation of the flock; they're out where no one can see how the shepherd beats on them (did Jonestown and the Rev. Jim Jones pop into your mind like they did into mine?).

Anonymous said...

Still don't get this anti-war-stuff on your part - I just check in every once in a while and still find you raving and raging against "bush's war" yet you have told us or admitted to us you were in favor of this Iraq war and very against saddam hussein. So why rant and rave when you were gung ho on this war. More hypocracy!!!!