Saturday, June 20, 2009

COMPASSION -- Like a Fox

These technically fab but amazingly violent illustrations come from a rare antique children's book I found recently.

I'm blown away by how violent and chillingly callous this book is. I can't believe that only a little over 100 years ago we, in our YAJ*-based culture, were reading this stuff to our four- and five-year-olds.

The book has four stories.

The pictures you see here come from "Tittums and Fido," and "Reynard the Fox."In "Ann and Her Mamma," Mamma points to a beggar girl and tells Ann to think how much more god has given her, Ann, than he has the beggar.

This girl is in bigtime trouble: "... her hands look like skeleton's bones; She has got a few rags, just about her to tie; And her naked feet bleed on the stones...."

And yet there's no mention of helping this human being starving right in front of their eyes; she's only an object lesson for lucky little Ann.

So much for Jesus and Christian compassion.

While I think we've come a long way, baby, since 1871, I seriously doubt YAJ* or Jesus had anything to do with it.

I just think the Goddess is on the rise again.

BTW, if you're interested in owning a book like this -- if only to remind yourself how far the Goddess has gotten us -- I'm selling it on eBay. Go HERE to see it (it's the red book with the parrot and crow on the front, called The Poll Parrot Picture Book).

You won't find any other copies of this book for sale on the Net -- it's just too rare. But you will find two copies in UK’s National Art Gallery.

The first was given to the Prince of Wales as a gift . Its gift inscription reads “To Prince George of Wales. June 3rd 1871 Michys (?), humble devoted duty. Many happy returns of the day.” Also in the book is this: "This book was presented to the Library of the Victoria & Albert Museum by Her Majesty Queen Mary."
*YAJ is Yahweh-Allah-Jehovah, the god of Abraham. Many think YAJ is three different gods, but on this blog we know he's just one mean ol' cuss who's shot the world into the mess you see it in now.

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AnnaPerenna said...

Ahh, the good old Bible child care! According to Old Testosterony book, children are the objects owned by a man. He should smack them to show them love, and kill them when they are disobedient or disrescpectful (stoning for cursing your father and mother!). The mosaic law says in one of it's approx. 600 commandments: WORSHIP your father and mother IF YOU WANT TO LIVE ANOTHER DAY! And of course the worship and respect goes only one way - there is no commandment saying you should love your children, respect them or protect them from harm.
This has been omitted by christianity, where the commandments are only ten, and de-judaised. The commandment now just says Honour your father and mother. Of course as a double win, it helps to honour whatever is called father, such as Jahwe or the pope!

There is this verse, where the priests claim Jahwe beats humans with misfortune to show us his love, like a father beats his son to show him love!
Also, Jahwe enjoys killing kids even of his own worshippers! Not just all Egyptian firstborn, but also kids of Hiob, David, and so many others. Especially the Hiob and Abraham are cruel and vicious and illogical - Jahwe TESTS the faith (obiedence actually) of those guys - it is Jahwe, who takes away all that Hiob has and kills his kids ON PURPOSE, to see if Hiob still likes him! - and when Hiob says yes, Jahwe gives him NEW kids, instead of restoring the former kids back to life! Same test goes for Abraham - Abe has to prove how much he loves and obeys Jahwe by sacrifising his own kid. Jahwe sadistically waits till the very last moment to save Isaak!

Otherwise the kids are of course different - to give birth is actually considered a sin of uncleanness! - and a woman is twice as unclean when she has a daughter, than a son - of course, in both cases she must wash off this sinful impurity by.. paying the priests - bringing them food to the temple. (As you pointed out many times, the Old Testosterony is written by old starving priests. Funny how all sins are to be purged and impurities cleansed by giving meet to the priests, except rape, murder and violence which is not considered a sin at all).
Back to children, daughters are of course completely useless, just like women. They are things to sell, bargain, kill and rape. Several times in the Old Testosterony we have the description of a good, sinless man, who "selflessly" saves a stranger from the rest of his tribe who wants to rape that stranger (!!!) by .. offering the crowd his own daughters or wife instead! Lot also gets to sex both those daughters later, when his wife is no longer there for him (turned to stone).
Of all the 600 tedious and minute commandments not one says people shouldn't rape or sex their children. There are some commandments actually not allowing the man to sex anyone from their family, mentioning them all from father and mother and uncles and aunts and their grandchildren..
except own children.