Sunday, June 21, 2009


Seems everyone who's anyone in the northern hemisphere celebrates (or has celebrated) the Summer Solstice.

Everyone except YAJ* that is, who despises Mother Earth as much as flies despise flypaper (because She's way more powerful than he is. Temper, temper, YAJ*!)

“Most societies in the northern hemisphere, ancient and modern, have celebrated a festival on or close to” the Summer Solstice.

For example, the Ancient Celts, Ancient China, Ancient Gaul, the Ancient Germanic countries, the Slav and Celtic tribes in Europe, Ancient Rome, Ancient Sweden, the Essenes, Native Americans, and the people of Prehistoric Europe.

Even the early Christians set their feast day of St. John the Baptist on June 24. It’s “one of the oldest [of all Christian] feasts, if not the oldest, introduced into both the Greek and Latin liturgies to honour a saint.”

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*YAJ is the god Yahweh-Allah-Jehovah, a schizoid diety who usually tries to pass himself off as three totally distinct holy dudes.

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AnnaPerenna said...

Happy summer to you too, dear auntie Athana!
I will go to the sunbathed beach in a minute to celebrate the solstice and splash about in the water, thinking warmly about godesses and my beloved ones and humans and animals and plants and bacterias and everything that benefits from the sun :) Yay!

P.S: How a judaist priest is a saint in christian church is just ironic. The baptism thing? It was the judaistic cleanse ritual, the traditional mikvah bath before each sabbat. To join the judaist cult of John and Jesus guys had to be circumcised, not baptised.