Saturday, May 03, 2008


The world is in desperate need of Mother Goddess.

To most this proclamation will sound like an abomination.

That’s because for the past six millennia the world has been brainwashed to recoil with horror from its own best self interest – a larger-than-life role model revolving around unconditional love.

But several millennia ago, civilizations did guide themselves with Mother Goddesses.

And they were the last warless, classless and psychologically healthy civilizations the world has ever known.
Thnx to Naira Oganesyan for the foto; go HERE to see more of her fabulous work.


BBC said...

What the world needs now is a lot less monkeys. Goddess has been brainwashed out of most women, other than some wrong beliefs they pick up about what a goddess should be, like spoiled.

I miss Cleopatra, at least she knew that she was a god even though they had some goofy ideas about god back then.

BBC said...

Don't look for goddess in America, most women here belong to THE INSANE CHICKS SOCIETY. (TICS)

Morgaine said...

The Goddess appears to be back, whether the patiarchs like it or not. The sooner we get back in harmony with Her, the better!

Keep fighting the good fight, Sister A!

Athana said...

Thnx for the encouragement, morgaine.

Either the world will soon recognize that we need to be guided by unconditional love (Mother Goddess) and not condtional love (father), or it won't. Goddess all help us if it doesn't.