Saturday, May 24, 2008


From the forthcoming Switching to Goddess: Humanity's Ticket to the Future:

Can the world really be saved by imagining a different god? Will it cause the Middle East problem to go away? Territoriality? Tradition?

"I believe the world can be saved by 'imagining' different gods. Human children are almost infinitely malleable. If your children had been adopted as infants into certain Inuit groups, they’d be eating raw seal blubber marbled with blood and brains – all without batting an eye. They’d think nothing about making red paint by mixing urine and blood – after puncturing the insides of their nostrils to collect the blood (Oswalt 1967: 157).

"If your children had been adopted by the Semai of Southeast Asia the thought of hitting people would carry the same horror as the idea of killing them (Dentan 1979: 58). If your children had been adopted by the !Kung of southern Africa they’d turn down a bushel load of Halloween candy for a handful of roasted caterpillar skins (Shostak 1983: 99). If we reared our children in places where violent deities had been buried, and mother-love deities were visible everywhere and pointed to as the quintessential role models, I’m convinced we could save the planet. Territoriality and tradition are merely ideas we teach the next generation – or not."

Switching to Goddess will be published in late November of this year.
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