Saturday, May 03, 2008


From Daily Kos:

"Having gotten their butts kicked for 150 years in science and their clocks cleaned over the last 40 years in court, anti-science goons have reached deep into their black bag of tricks and pulled out a new gimmick called Academic Freedom Bills.

"By academic freedom, they mean a teacher is free to teach creationism (or ostensibly anything else in any other subject), and the student is free to blow off mastering the curricula and answer any question or complete any homework assignment using whatever variant of right-wing anti-science nonsense they dream up." MORE>>>

Academic Freedom? Yay! If we're all free to tinker with the hallowed halls of academe, I'd like a course on How to Walk Down a Sidewalk Backwards and Not Trip.

And while we're at it, let's get this course on the books ASAP: Flying to the Moon on My Green Umbrella 101.

And -- oh! oh! oh! One on How to Get Even with Nurse Rachet When She Sticks Me with That Needle!
Thnx to evaxebra for the photo; go HERE to see more of her work.


Anne Johnson said...

Looks like I have a future as a science teacher after all, seeing as how you don't have to know or care about science in order to teach it, and the students don't have to learn it anyway. Ain't that Amerikkka?

Morgaine said...

This is the exact opposite of what we need to do, which is to yank the acceditation of any school that teaches this creationist nonsense.

Athana said...

Amen to you both, anne and morgaine!