Friday, May 09, 2008


What a day!

My Aunt Evelyn Sayers returned to the Goddess today. Never had much contact with Aunt Evie, and what I had wasn’t always easy.

Nevertheless, I can’t help feeling as if Evie's all around us now, a part of the Great Mother Herself, and incapable of anything but love, laughter, and celestial humor.

Aunt Evie, I love you. I know you’re in a place of deep peace and joy. Please bless all of us here on the earth plane.

Also today, my path crossed with a descendant of one of the witches murdered in the Salem witch trials.

Luann grew up on a Maine island and is blessed with psychic abilities – probably the same her Salem ancestor had. She’s an English major at the University of Southern Maine and edits for authors as a way of beefing up her resume for future post-grad jobs. One of the writers she’s edited for – Lee Nichols -- wrote a book based on her life: The Wednesday Night Witches.

This afternoon at my kitchen table, Luann and I shot the breeze about Salem witches, witchcraft, the Orion Belt, writing, editing, and what Luann sees as the ignorance of northern Maine (but what I see as Goddess-ignorance that criss-crosses not just Maine, but the whole of North America).

Love 2 u all!
Your Athana
Thnx to ms ladyred for the fine foto; go HERE to see more of her work.


Morgaine said...

I'm so sorry about your aunt. As you say so eloquently, she is with the Goddess now, and happy.

Your new acquaintance sounds interesting! Any inside info that wouldn't appear in the history books?

Athana said...

I need to ask her that, morgaine. Thanks for suggesting the idea. Here's one bit of info I know just from being up here near Salem. The actual witch trials and executions happened not in Salem but in Danvers, MA, which is a little more than five miles north of Salem. If you want to see the old home of Rebecca Nurse, for example, one of the first witches executed, you need to go to Danvers. Just a stone's throw from her old house is the church where all the trials took place.

Anne Johnson said...

Somehow it comforts me to know those witches left descendants.

Athana said...

Indeedy they did, anne. Some of their descendants have even been pushing lately for an official apology from the rest of us for the murder of their ancestors.