Monday, February 12, 2007


I feel into lists lately. How 'bout a list of wonko, weirdo, whacked-out fundie orgs?

Pastor Fred Phelps ("God Hates Fags")

Quiverful ("Birth a quiverful of babies/arrows for Jesus")

Real Men for Jesus ("Jesus was a macho man")

Less Whacked Out (?) But Still Out There:

American Family Association
Christian Coalition
Concerned Women for America
Coral Ridge Ministries
Family Research Council
Focus on the Family


Know of any other juicy ones?

Let's send healing energy to these groups. They didn't ask to be born and pitched into the pathetic pits that are the Daddy War-God machines. They were born gorgeous and lovable, like all the rest of us.


Nick said...

The republican party!

Anne Johnson said...

My sister is a pawn of these wackadoos, so I constantly pray she'll see the light.

Guess she's praying that I'll come around to her side.

A hillbilly standoff