Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Babies, keep an eye on Big Money.

Big Money's a sickness just like the gambling sickness – it sucks ordinary people in before they know what hit them.

Big-Money sickness comes from Big-Daddy God and his social hierarchy that he wears around his shoulders like a coat of fleas. In Mother-Goddess societies everyone’s important -- no one, for example, deserves food anymore than anyone else. In Big-Daddy-God societies, you have homeless dudes lying in ditches, and oil-rich dudes "living in" 600-room mansions. And all of us War-Goddites, we say, “Oh, some of us are so good we deserve 600 unused rooms; others are so bad they should sleep outside and die.”

This is the Big-Daddy Effect. Unlike the love of the Mother Goddess, Big Daddy's love comes with strings. If you don’t say How High? when he says Jump, you end up a homeless dude dying in the ditch.

Anyway, of all the filthy things Big Money’s doing, the worst is wiping humans off the planet by ruffling our climate. Almost more disgusting than that, BM is trying to fool you into thinking that the heroes trying to warn us about climate change and global warming are a buncha ninnies.
Thnx to joan marginea for the foto

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Anne Johnson said...

Please join our magickal working at dark moon, Friday March 2, 7:30, designed to alert Big Money and the other enemies of life to the looming disaster of global warming.