Tuesday, January 30, 2007


The powerful double-punch behind female deity is birth and sustenance. The Great Mother Goddess not only births us from her own body which is the Earth, the womb (see the "We Are Nothing But Dirt" post below), She is the source -- the only source -- of our peas, potatoes and Pete’s Pale Ale.

Actually, She is our peas, potatoes and Pete’s Pale Ale. She’s all that stands between us and sheer starvation, i.e., withering away again to dust/earth. The Earth-our-womb-‘n-food is female simply because it’s only women who possess the magic to birth and feed other humans through their own miracle-bodies. The poor male body can do neither. Put very simply,

Woman = Birth & Food = Mother Goddess
Man = [BLANK] = Bogus Daddy God

What’s so pathetic about the first Daddy gods of the Bronze Age is that they actually thought they could con us into thinking they – just like Mother – could birth ‘n feed us from their own flesh.

They wanted this so bad they could taste it.

And they tried so hard, poor dears. Giving birth through stolen ribs, pensis, sweaty armpits, slits in heads and bellies and by sitting on eggs. Now aren’t these little tricks just totally cute, creative and clever? Didn’t they totally convince you they were The Great Mother Goddess?

Those are some of their little ways of “giving birth.” As for feeding us through their bodies, well, poor dears, the best could do is something they christened “communion”: getting us to bake little wafers out of wheat, (which of course comes directly from the Great Mother’s body [earth/dirt]). Then -- and this is so cute – the little dickens tried to con us into believing the wafers are actually their bodies and not the Mother’s.

What breaks your heart is, they actually thought we’d fall for this stuff!!!!
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Morgaine said...

All you have to do is look at the origins of the plants and produce we eat - all of it is either the ovary of the plant or a product of it.

What's really sad is that so many people do believe that little bit of theatre. I always thought it was repulsive. Not a big fan of the cannibal thing. It doesn't even have the romantic connotations of vampirism - it's just gross. The only time it ever even came close to making sense is in the grokking of Valentine Michael Smith in Stranger in a Strange Land - but that was beautiful.

There's also the thing about the priest putting it in the mouths of men and only handing it to women. I can't believe the women actually take it.