Sunday, January 28, 2007


Look down at your hands. Skin, nails, hair, bone. Where’d that stuff come from? Peas, Porterhouse steak, Bic Mac 'n fries, Pete's Pale Ale – whatever. And where’d that stuff come from? Seeds, water, dirt. Earth.

You are nothing but dirt. You were born out of dirt, of “Mother” earth. You are Mother Earth. Can you look me in the eye and say you’re anything but dirt?

How do you stay alive? More peas, potatoes & Pale Ale. To stick around, you have no choice but to slurp up more of Mother Earth. Not only did She bear you, She feeds you. All that stands between you and thin air is – Mother Dirt.

But why is “dirt” a word for “Earth”? When’d that happen? When the War-Gods bounced into town with their twisted ‘minds’ and told us we have “dominion” “over” Earth? BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Like saying we rule rocks, rain or the air!
Thnx to rovaro for the foto


Anne Johnson said...

She is the earth, she is the sea. She was the first life from which we all descend.

Barbara J Gill said...

Love it. Barbara

Paul said...

We owe our all to Her, depend entirely on Her. It is madness to think we have dominion over Her.

Morgaine said...

We are She. Thank Goddess.

You know what worries me? The Earth is supposed to be a closed eco system. Nothing is supposed to be lost or gained, but it all cycles through life in various forms. There are molecules in our bodies that may once have been in the bodies of dinosaurs. Everything gets used over and over.

Now the problem - the space program. They keep sending ships in and out of the atmosphere, then we wonder why we're leaking ozone. We leave junk in space and on the moon. It only takes a tiny alteration in the delicate balance of life here to create massive change. How much metal and plastic can we send off the planet without moving that butterfly's wing? I hate to sound luddite, but I really think somebody in a position of power should think about this and I've never heard it mentioned by anyone but me.