Sunday, November 16, 2014


OH, how lucky we are here at RGT ... a birdie told me the Chalcedon Foundation and its sweet little Christian elves are paying us secret, periodic visits! 

We must have been verrrrry good, all year long. 

These Chalcedon cuties are the people begging for “the death penalty for homosexuality, striking or cursing a parent, adultery, and lying.”

I could go on, but you get the drift – these crazies want to stone you to death for everything from sneezing to dragging your garbage cans out too early to the curb Monday evenings.      

These little guys are also secretly dredging tons of money into American politics -- just to muck it up. 

According to this little gem of a book, “pop paganism can lead young people into moral and intellectual confusion, drugs, promiscuous sex, unwholesome and unhealthy body modification, and even violent crime, murder, or suicide.”

Excuse for one moment [BWA HA HA HA HAHA HARDY HAR HAR!  HAHAHAHAHA....] [wiping tears from eyes]

Last ten times I heard about kids doing suicide, it was after Chalcedon types filled their heads with nonsense about how being gay landed you on a fast track to "hell," that made-up Christian fantasyland.  

(Anyone who still believes in “hell” prob’ly still believes in Santa, too, what do you wanna bet?)


Dmh Frou said...

Rather a "massive slide" into the freedom of the mind, at least as long as we can talk openly to each other on the internet.

This new "form of dialog" (social media, etc.) is creating strong barriers against the old forms of oppression.

We could be reaching a "critical mass" of thinking that could importantly accelerate human evolution, socially and otherwise.

The new rising of the idea of the Goddess, or Mother God, is an example. Another one is the exponential increase of the acceptance and importance of the LGBT community.

We live in times of accelerated transition, I believe, even *faster* than 100 years ago.

Dmh Frou said...
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Athana said...

Thanks for you comments, Dmh. You're undoubtedly right that we'll soon see humans evolve socially (and perhaps very suddenly). I do hope its a positive evolution. I worry that those in the world who've been taught to be violent are also evolving, and gaining steam. Somehow those of us who evolve positively must learn how to interact with those who don't seem to be evolving so.