Saturday, November 15, 2014

GARBAGE GODS sent packing

A dude I know is cooking up a sweet novel about goddesses making a comeback.

But he’s gotten hit with some bum advice.  Yesterday he told me,

"A friend of mine who teaches at Harvard ... made an excellent argument that I'm wrestling with. If the goddess religions were so much better than the patriarchal religions, why didn't they thrive and survive, and why didn't the patriarchal religions die out?"

Whoa!  How do you answer fluffy-puff like this? 

You, my good readers, know that goddess religions *did* “thrive and survive” – for at least 30,000 years -- from the Upper Palaeolithic to the dirty birth of patriarchy around 4000 BC.

And you also know that 4000 BC (or thereabouts) witnessed the dirty birth of primitive, violent desert gods, born out of the minds of people gone looney-tunes from generations-long starvation.  

So these lunatic gods have been hanging around for only 6000 years – at least 24,000 years fewer than the peaceful, egalitarian goddesses they supplanted. 

And since people like you are finally getting smart about them, I suspect the looney gods are on a fast track to that great garbage dump in the sky somewhere. 

Can’t happen fast enough for me. 


Kyn Osura said...

The way I figure it, the patriarchal religions bullied their way to dominance like a gang of street thugs killing, raping, burning & suppressing ~ just like they're still doing now. And the real testimony to the vitality of Goddess-based religion is that it survived despite that shit ~ not just in the archaic past, but to this very day.

Athana said...

Well put, Kyn! I think it was Joseph Campbell who once said that "It's past time we wake up from this 6000-year-old nightmare."