Saturday, November 22, 2014


Thinking he was too awesome to get caught, a black man pigged out on a gigundo basketful of forbidden fruit.

If the world revolved around ancient pre-patriarchal goddesses, would rape ever happen? 

Of course not. 

When we switched from Great Mother Goddesses to war gods*, the bond between men and women was zapped, turning the two sexes into enemies of each other.  Same with blacks & whites.  And whites & reds.  And so on. 


Because the war-god world is all about a handful of elites controlling the rest of us, and that handful of halfwits can’t have all of the rest of us playing on the same team, now can they?  

It would make the rest of us too powerful, and their job of controlling us too much of a major pain.   
*War gods include dudes like Mars, Ares, Odin, Indra and YAJ (YahwehAllahJehovah, the god of Abraham).   


Bluesage said...

Your concept that if it was a matriarchal society that rape wouldn't happen is wrong. You are showing classic feminist closed minded thinking. Rape would still happen because women do commit rape as well.

And if you think I am wrong, show me a matriarchal society that didn't have a sexual violence problem.

Athana said...

First of all, thank you for commenting, Bluesage. I appreciate it. I'd like to turn your question around, however, and ask you: what "matriarchal" society, in your opinion, has a "sexual violence problem"?