Tuesday, September 16, 2014


BLAME IT on climate change.  

Goddesses began going extinct when the climate got hotter than blue blazes back around 4000 BC.  

It was called the “5.9 Kiloyear Event,” and it turned much of Mother Earth into a dry bone, killing off most of the earth’s early farming populations, whose religions had circled around goddesses. 

But 5.9 didn’t kill off everyone.  After crawling through generations-long starvation, a few groups morphed into looney-tunes cultures*.  

To these looney-tuners, Mother Earth had curled up and died, so the looneys turned to sky gods who controlled the spigots to the life-giving rains. 

Since these gods mostly turned the spigots to the “off” position, they felt mean as hell to the looney-tuners. 

Unfortunately, when food was plentiful again, looney-tunes culture didn’t fade away.  Like all cultures, it had been learned, shared and passed on from one generation to the next, until it just kept on going under its own steam.

Looney-tunes culture is a fear culture.  

Just like starving peoples, looney-tuners have a fear of things running out: food, stock prices, love -- whatever.  So both starving and looney-tunes peoples take things that don’t belong to them, i.e. do theft, rape, violence, war, and oil grabbing. 

Both starving and looney-tunes people overeat, abuse the weak (elderly, young, disabled), see the suffering of others as entertainment, and think slavery, poverty and social hierarchy are just peachy keen. 

If you live in a large state society anywhere in the world, you live in a looney-tunes culture.   

The solution?  Replace looney-tunes culture and its war gods with peaceful culture and peaceful deities.  When?  Yesterday! 

* AKA cuckoo-, cracked-, and wacko culture
Thnx to Iloveyoumotherearth.com for the pic.  

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