Sunday, September 28, 2014

laughing TIL IT HURTS

OKAY, okay, when you read Switching to Goddess, you might not laugh til your sides ache.

However, more than one reviewer has promised you a few laughs and chuckles.  Here's one:
"This book is courageous, brilliant and comes from the heart. This is a book that can really help us. Full of humor and the delight in Life, SWITCHING TO GODDESS is one of the most brilliant books I have read in years. Bravo to Studebaker! For those who do not know the facts of our human pre-(patriarchal) history, this will be exciting and illuminating. Lots of helpful pictures and graphs and laughs. What a huge work this is, yet nothing more than pure joie de vivre. Brava, Brava!!"
~ Recent review of Switching to Goddess: Humanity's Ticket to the Future, by California writer and poet Janine Canaan.  
(To which a commenter commented"Don't you just love her sarcasm? I do!")

So rush out now, babies, and get yourselves a copy.  Sold at many online bookstores near you, including: 

AbeBooks US
AbeBooks UK
DEA Store, Italy
The Saint Bookstore
Grand Eagle Retail
Blackwell, UK
Greener Books, UK
Greener Books, Canada
Riverlee Books, UK
Mesquite Book Co.Carolinakt
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Superbookdeals, Canada
Academic Book Guy
Tatyana Rusinova, Bookseller

and many more. 

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