Tuesday, July 01, 2014


The Pluties (billionaires and gazillionaires) are fretting and sweating. 

Visions of the 99 Percent pulling out our pitchforks and forking a Plutie or two over a slow fire, keep popping into their heads.   

Pluties by the trainload are waking up nights shrieking, Plutie sweat running slowly down the smalls of their backs. 

Goddess bless their tiny little hearts and souls (She didn't invent guilt for nothing).  

In this article Plutie Nick H. feels guilty owning a mansion or two in every world capital, while other dudes -- no different from himself -- own only a cardboard box or two. 

On the other hand, some Pluties slid down the birth canal minus any guilt genes to prick them as they force millions into suffering. 

As a Goddess community, we need to decide how we feel about guilt-deprived Pluties.  They have guns to the heads of our government.  Do we let these guiltless thugs punch our lights out?  Or do we fight back with pitchforks? 

We tried asking them nicely to stop, and they only punched harder (drop “Occupy Wall Street” into your favorite search engine and read all about it). 

How do we stop the sociopaths now in charge from selling women, children, the elderly, the poor, the middle class and most of the rest of us down the river to the slave blocks?  

Is there a non-violent way?  What? 

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