Saturday, June 21, 2014

Pope to Mafia: "Go to Hell!"

For the most part, Mafiosi appear to be diehard, Bible-thumping Catholics.  

In a contest to see which’d give them bigger knee-shaking night sweats, my suspicion is the wrath of God would beat out the wrath of their Godfather every time. 

So when Pope Francis excommunicated the Mafia today – an act which, if I’m not mistaken, automatically plops the whole kit ‘n kaboodle on a fast track to Hell – most Mafiosi sat up and took notice. 

Now the question is:  Will Mafiosi drop out of the Mafia like flies off a Raid-sprayed cake?  Or will most finally declare Hell merely a FigNewton of the human imagination? 

Stay tuned, children, for the next episode in this thrilling reality-show drama! 

In the meantime, I’m naming this Pope the best and bravest in the long, somewhat tarnished history of Popedom! 

Go HERE and HERE for more on the story.  

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