Friday, February 27, 2009


Ancient Northern Europeans believed when they died they got sucked back into the warm, loving womb of their Great Mother Goddess Holle (Hel, Ella, Hella, Holga, Helga, Holda, etc.).

And then, from Mother's womb, you waltzed out into your next earthly incarnation.

So -- wouldn't men return sometimes as women, and women as men?

Whaddya think, dearies?

And if so, would this have handed our ancestors a different view of the opposite sex than the views we have?


Brian Charles said...

If reincarnation is true, then it is inevitable that we will experience all conditions of humanity (at least!) before we reach whatever end there is - if there be an end.

I remember meeting someone many years ago and she said, "Ah, so you are a man this time?" It made sense then, and it still does.

But, as far as I truly know, this life is all there is. So therefore it is incumbent on me to experience, inasmuch as is possible, the totality of human experience.

And that is one hell of a lot of fun!

Lily Wyte said...

It seems we don't have to cross over into the opposite sex to experience it all because our intelligence is always connected to our soulmate's, and they are the polarized, other sex we whole gods became when our energy was lowered to this level. But it is obvious some do cross over. I am not lesbian but I have been attracted somewhat to a couple of guys in girl's "clothes". It's funny to think the sexes are different at a soul or spirit level, but you can tell they are.