Tuesday, March 03, 2009


If Christopher Hitchens was my hero before, he's more so now. Last week he risked his life to stand up against Christians and Muslims terrorizing Lebanon. As a result, he was beaten, kicked and smacked in broad daylight, by a gang of Christian/Muslim thugs, on a major street in Beirut:

Christopher was encircled by four or five of them. They were geared up to smash him, and I reached for his hand to pull him away. One of the toughs clawed at my arm and left me with a bleeding scratch and a bruise. I expected a punch in the face, but I wasn’t the target.

Christopher was the target. He was the one who had defaced their sign. One of the guys smacked him hard in the face. Another delivered a roundhouse kick to his legs. A third punched him and knocked him into the street between two parked cars. Then they gathered around and kicked him while he was down. They kicked him hard in the head, in the ribs, and in the legs.

Jonathan and I had about two and a half seconds to figure out what we should do when one of the SSNP members punched him in the side of the head and then kicked him.
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Kiddies, our entire little earth village is being beaten to a pulp -- not just by Allah, but by Jehovah and Yahweh too.

These three are one and the same: the god of Abraham, Yahweh/Allah/Jehovah, or YAJ for short.

It was the father/sky/war god ancestors of YAJ who beat the Great Goddess into the dust. When we centered ourselves around Her, we lived in utopian communities.

For proof, read Switching to Goddess: Humanity's Ticket to the Future, on sale at most online bookstores. And if your local land-based bookstore doesn't carry it, I'm sure they'll be glad to order a copy for you.

So scoot on out and buy this book. You owe it not only to yourself, but to your entire little earth village.

Interestingly, Hitch did not fight back. What was this about? Do you think it came from a place of strength, or of weakness?
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AnnaPerenna said...

Ai ai, don't allow the JAH-dudes beat us to a pulp! Either flee or fight back, if you can..
What's the point of losing one's precious life for the sake of monotheistic butt-holes? No way!

We're supposed to stay strong and live. Live for us, for the goddess and for all the great goals we can achieve :)

Athana said...

Thanks for your input AnnaPerenna. You're absolutely right: the Goddess wants us to live, stay stay strong, and prosper. All of us.

Chris Hitchens is a big, hefty guy. I think he could have beaten the guy holding him to a pulp, if he'd wanted to.

So why didn't he? My first impulse is to think that he didn't because he wanted to say, "See? I can 'turn the other cheek' along with the best of you. You Christians supposedly live by this 'turn the cheek' rule -- but you actually rarely practice it."