Saturday, December 20, 2008

RICK WARREN: Dominionist DUDE?

It's bad enough he's anti-LGBT, anti-woman and anti-abortion.

But worse -- and something few are talking about -- is that Ricky Warren, the Jumping-Jehovah dude Obama picked to open his inauguration, seems to be in bed with Christian Dominionists.

Dominionists want to kill democracy, the presidency, and the Constitution. "Time to go back to kings," they say. But the "king" would be their cutie little dude-deity, Jumpin' Jehovah.

Instead of the Constitution, all our judges would thumb through the Old Testament to decide right from wrong -- and the "right" punishment for each "wrong," including the death penalty for looking at a parent with disrespect in your eye.

You think I'm kidding here, doncha? You think these Dominionist dudes are are only a few scattered loony-toons who have no power, don't ya? Hows come then Sarah Palin -- a Dominionist -- got so close to the White House? Think that was just an accident?

And hows come Ricky W. gets to usher in the Obama admin.?

If we hafta have Ricky, then Judith Laura over at Medusa Coils has the best idea I've heard all week:

If we ... really want to be inclusive, we should look for a woman who is clergy in a non-Christian religion.... Selecting a lesbian to be the other invocation-giver would send a clear message that Warren’s presence is truly meant to be inclusive and not an endorsement of his views.


Leah said...

I, too have serious concerns about the stealth maneuvering by these dominionist leaders and how insidiously they weave themselves into place.

In my book, "Theopalinism - The Face of Failed Extremism" I made the case for outing Palin as the Poster Gal for the dominionist movement and have begun my task of bringing a discussion of Dominionism to the mainstream.

I want to hear us talking about Joel's Army, End Times, Elijah's Movement, Third Wave, etc. as much as we debate about the separation of church & state, gay rights and abortion.

Thank you for your article!

Leah Burton

Athana said...

Leah, thank you for your book and for your concern about this alarming and important issue -- Dominionism.

I'm going to have to look up your book.


Anonymous said...

Wow, you folks are really out there! A political position different than yours is somehow evil! Thank God there are only a few of you.

Athana said...

Hey anon, you can leave your real name around here. We don't bite.

Also, do you know thing number one about Dominionism? Just asking. I hope you've never talked back to one of your parents, because Dominionists -- if they ever get political power in the US -- would sentence you to the death penalty for it.