Wednesday, December 03, 2008


A few weeks ago, Kristina dropped off a little note* announcing that trading gods for goddesses would drag us straight down that ugly, weedy path of "imbalance."

Now, I was sure Geraldine Charles' recent article over at Goddess Pages had taken care of this piece of trouble "balance" already.

But what do I know.

Kristina, I'm wondering: How do ya define "imbalance"? Is dropping too much love on a baby an imbalance? Isn't it all in how you define "love"?

Howza bout being heterosexual? Isn't that an imbalance? (From what I've heard, ancient Greeks didn't even have words for "heterosexual" or "homosexual." To them, love was just love, all of it just as fine and dandy as peach hair.)

In Switching to Goddess** is a section saying the ancient Goddess-centered Neolithics might not have marked a difference between males and females as much as between mothers and not-mothers. So as someone who's never been a mother, for example, I would be lumped in with the men and the pre-teen women.

If I'm right about this, as long as Neolithic pantheons included mother- and "not-mother" deities, then to our ancestors these pantheons would count as balanced -- even if the not-mother deities were mostly female.

Whew! Wrap that around your brain and shake it six times!
*On the October 31 post, "Back to the Goddess by 2035: Can We Really Do It?"
thnx to Metronomad for the foto of Diana the Huntress; go HERE to see more.
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Anti-thesisofreason said...

So do you think we should get rid of all male deities?

Are there any that would be worth keeping?

AnnaPerenna said...

Sure, some of the pleasent, wine drinking, small fertilizing male gods could be kept around... as long as they got to be sacrified each year after they did their duty, like drones in a bee hive... ;-P

Sorry, sounds radical? Well that's how the ladies kept males in check long time ago.. so they wouldn't get too drunk with power..

Back to the imbalance, the ancient three stages of goddesses and females alike sound like a pretty good balance to me. A tripod doesn't fall over.