Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Our Mother who art the Earth
Nourishing are thy ways
Thy web of life be woven
Thy ways be found within
As it is all around.

Thank you this day for our bread and sweat
And forgive us our misuse of you
As we forgive others their misuse of us
And lead us not into exploitation
But deliver us from lording it over you
And over each other and over fellow creatures.

For thine are the waters of life
The feeding, breeding, seeding ground
For now and as far as close to forever
As we shall ever come.

Blessed Be!

~ from Zsuzsanna Budapest's Dianic University website

Thnx to AJ Franklin for the pic of "Rainbow over strip mines." Go HERE to see more of this fotographer's work.

AJ says, "The coal companies ran roughshod over NE Penna, tearing out whatever they wanted and making it look like the surface of the moon. These are the same bastards that are in the oil business today, and want to do that to the ANWR...If they were given half a chance."


xJane said...

Beautiful! Thank you for sharing :)

A. J. Franklin said...

Thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog! Creative and refreshing...

Athana said...

Thank you xjane and a.j. Welcome to Radical Goddess Thealogy and come back anytime!

Ojibway Migisi Bineshii said...

I love it, thanks for posting this prayer!

Athana said...

You're welcome, Ojibway Migisi Bineshii. Next time you visit Z Budapest's website you might want to thank her too, for writing it.

And welcome to RGT, hope to see you here again soon.