Saturday, November 15, 2008


I am appalled at the way the Christian Church ran like a Mack truck over California law Nov. 4. This morning the New York Times even saw fit to do a front-page article on it.

I know we're all fed up with fear, but this is something to be afraid of. And I don't see people being nearly afraid enough.

The Christian menace is gaining on us again.

Pull out and reread your copy of John Sugg's Christian Reconstructionists Believe Democracy Is Heresy, Public Schools are Satanic, and Stoning Isn't Just for the Taliban Anymore -- And They've Got More Influence Than You Think. (Church and State 59, 2006).

Who do you think pushed the Christian Dudley Dubya into power? Who almost plunked Christian extremist Sarah Palin half a heartbeat away from the American Presidency?

Reread your school history texts. As little as a few centuries ago, this menace the "Church" kept us like slaves. American colonists failing to show up in church Sundays were pitched into jail.

And then there's the Salem "witch" trials. Christians actually had the political power to murder you if you said something they didn't like, or if you looked at them the wrong way.

I think we need drastic action here, babies.

I call for the immediate drafting and passage of laws that shoot Christian deacons, bishops, pastors, and even popes straight into federal prison if and when they use their organizations to meddle IN ANY WAY in civil politics. Even if they so much as drop one puny political word to anyone in their organizations, they should be fined like thieves.

And there should be strict and powerful laws making certain this happens.

Enough already. Write your congress people. Ask them to start drafting now.

Let's nip these dangerous thugs in the bud before it's too late.

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