Thursday, November 13, 2008

HO-HUM ABOUT Homosexuality

As we all know, the ancient Pagans were so ho-hum about homosexuality they didn't even have a word for it. To them it was merely one side of sexuality, no big fat deal.

Then, about 2000 years ago, YAJ* two-stepped into the picture. And in order to yank power away from Pagans, YAJ specialized in carving people up into separate groups and then pitting the groups against each other.

So 2000 years ago, YAJ, he said, "Sheeple? No longer are you one sheeple. Henceforth I divide you into hets and homos. What's more, all homos are born to be hit, batted, and slapped around by hets. Got it?"

Even though this was 2000 years ago, YAJ still holds most of us by the short hairs.

On Tuesday, Nov. 4, gays and lesbians in California had their marriage rights ripped away. Would you fall over in sorry surprise if I said it was Christians -- mostly Mormons -- who funded the fight to filch these rights? No? (Ha! I knew my readers were sharper than your average blog babies.)

YAJ forever has his fingers in every gay and lesbian pie. Here, though, is the really skanky part about YAJ's dodo dance this time around: he got Mormons in Utah to dance over to CA and pour money into CA to dictate CA law.

So I say, CA, are you going to take this lying down like a mini mouse? Sweetheart, you need to do a better job of standing up for your rights!

"At least one donor, Alan A. from Lindon, Utah gave $1,000,000 to prevent same-sex couples two states away from enjoying legally-wedded bliss"

See also "Mormon Church steps into the Prop. 8 battle." _________________
*YAJ is short for YahwehAllahJehovah. Most think YAJ is three separate gods, but he's not. He's just one schizoid god with three separate personalities. Unfortunately for us, these three personalities are always at war with each other, dragging us into war after war on his/their coattails.
thnx to SiRi for the foto; go HERE to more of his work.

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