Wednesday, January 02, 2008


For Iowans and New Hampshire-ites especially:

How to Pick a President:

Ask yourself: Who's most likely to see all of us as a healthy Mother sees her child?

Who'd love us all unconditionally, no strings attached?

When it comes to tossing out life's goodies, who sees us all as equal ?

Who’s most fretful about the American people – and all the other children of the Mother around the world – more than s/he's fretful about self?

After answering the questions, who's your pick for Prez?
Thnx to mrwaterslide for the foto of "a massachusetts Mother and her four children, including the newest one."


Anti-thesisofreason said...

I'm not sure any one of the current candidates hit any or all of these questions you ask. I'm finding it hard to pick at this point in the game.

BBC said...

"Who'd love us all unconditionally, no strings attached?"

Get real hon, love has conditions, like being good, not greedy, things like that. I love what I think others can be, but they won't be that.

We don't get to vote for who we should be able to vote for, we get to vote for the next group of rich nuts that have worked their way to the top of the pile.

I'm writing in my own name. Not that I would want to run this screwed up country.

BBC said...

PS, you put conditions on love, and don't tell me you don't. :-)

Athana said...

anti-thesis, I'm finding it hard to pick too. Of course no candidate is going to be even close to ideal. It's probably the way parents feel when thinking about a spouse for their kid: absolutely no one even comes close to being good enough.

For several weeks I was leaning toward Edwards, since he's not beholden to Big Money the way all the other candidates are (and it's Big Money, including Big Church Money, in my estimation, that's behind a great deal of the world's problems these days).

Now that Edwards looks like he's not going to be able to make it, however, I'm gradually however finding myself coming down on the side of Hillary Clinton. Mind you I'm aware of all her considerable drawbacks -- including the fact that she's a member of The Family, the secretive Christian group.

But I do think she has a good heart. She does have a mother's heart. And watching her in the debates it's clear to me that she's smart. She outthinks all the other Dems by a mile. Also, check out her record: she's sponsored three climate-change bills -- more than any other candidate. If we can't get our climate back on track, nothing else will matter.

Athana said...

BBC, like yours, my natural inclination is to be drawn more to people who are friendly, kind, dependable, etc.

The kind of love the Great Guiding Goddess asks us to learn to feel for everyone however IS unconditional.

Morgaine said...

Actually, there's still a candidate that meets the criteria you've listed, though the media doesn't want you to know that - Dennis Kucinich. Go to and read his positions - very Goddess-friendly, whether he knows that or not.

Athana said...

morgaine, when it comes to where candidates stand on the issues, Dennis Kucinich comes closer than any other to what I want to see in our next president.

He, Gravel and Paul for example are the only three candidates against the death penalty.

He's the only candidate smart enough to have stood against the war in Iraq from the beginning (although I'd like to know why he stood against it. Was it because he knew Bush was lying about Sadam the madman having nuclear weapons? If not, how did he propose keeping Sadam from using those nukes? Morgaine, do you know the answers to these questions?).

The reason I'm backing Hillary is because I don't think Kucinich could beat McCain, Huckabee, Thompson, or Giuliani (sp?).

Pignut said...

even my Cat knew Saddam didn't buy yellowcake uranium from Niger