Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I adore Christians, Muslims and followers of the Jewish faith. We’re all children of the Goddess, born from Her body, and kept alive only by Her body.

Like every single solitary humanoid born on the planet, Christians et al. crave food-water-shelter, love and respect -- and then a challenge or two tossed into the mix to keep things a bit dicey and spicy.

But adoring personages who’re Christians, Muslims and followers of Judaism doesn’t mean I adore the “religion” that’s sucked them in.

As a matter of fact, I despise the desert-war-god religion that’s sucked them in. This so-called religion is strangling the earth and everything on it.

Yahweh/Allah/Jehovah followers have been brainwashed. How are we going to unwash their gorgeous brains?

Quick, quick, quick, now – we need the answer fast!
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BBC said...

I adore Christians, Muslims and followers of the Jewish faith.

I can't stand them and I make no apologies for it.

We can't unbrainwash them until we can get rid of their stupid books that take them there.

How can we do that? Not going to happen, people insist on having those books around to read so that they can make their own minds up about such things.

But they don't understand that the books captures them. I've tried to read them but they insulted my spirit so much that I burned them.

I refuse to read a bible, any bible of any religion. I would, if they don't mind that I tear it's content apart, but they do mind.

And they kill people that don't agree with them. I'm surprised I haven't been killed as much as I bitch about them.

May still happen though, I'm okay with that, it will make a good headline of the front page of the local rag.

That would be cool and I'm getting old and accept death anyway. As if anyone could kill me, an omnipresent spirit. It's just one silly little disposable body.

That has been here much longer than it ever tried to be.

Athana said...

Cmon BBC! Work at it! Get past your first animal-level reaction toward people (anger, fear, etc.) and aim for love. It's not Christians' fault they fell into the brainwashing trap they did.

BBC said...

Work at it? We've been proving for thousands of years that it doesn't work. And it isn't going to work, ever.