Saturday, January 12, 2008


Last night as I was falling asleep on the couch in front of the TV, a comedian said something that jerked me awake.

He said we should send all our homeless to Iraq to serve as a “distraction” for Al Quaeda and whoever else over there is taking potshots at us.

“And when they die,” said funny-guy, “it won’t count ‘cause the homeless aren’t real people anyway.”

No sense getting mad at the dude. He’s you. He’s me. He’s America, “one nation under the war-god,” where one of our deepest beliefs is that some of us are shining stars, some are scum, and others don’t even count as humanoid.

It’s the war-god social ladders around us everywhere, sorting us out, making us fight each other so’s the Dudes at the top don’t have to.

They’ve trained us to keep each other in chains. And trained seals that we are, they don’t even hafta pay us for it. We do it free!

You could tell: funny-guy was just tickled pink to play his part, to remind us all that we can keep animal-humans (like the homeless) in their cages quite nicely by yanking away their shelter, food and clothing.

And the next level, the poverty stricken still managing somehow to find homes? We keep them in their cages too -- by yanking away their decent jobs and giving them ones paying chicken feed.

The Great Guiding Mother Goddess, now, She holds no truck with all this social-ladder stuff & nonsense.

We’re all Her babies. Like any healthy mother, She can’t help loving us all alike, calling us all equal, all valuable, all lovable, all beautiful, all handsome.

And She demands we all look at each other the same way She does.
Thnx to simon davison for the foto; see more HERE

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