Monday, December 24, 2007


This is from last year, but it's too good to pass up:

HO! HO! HO! Whaddya Know? It wasn’t Santa, but Mother Goddess Holda who used to swoop down our chimneys, leaving all those goodies, and nibbling on our cookies!

“…[I]n some parts of old Europe, it was Holda--not Santa--who brought gifts to children and determined who was 'naughty or nice.' I also encountered lore depicting her as dressed in red and going down chimneys to bring gifts to children. An old Germanic tradition included leaving an offering of food and milk for Holda on December 24, known as Mother Night.”

Thnx to Selena Fox and Beliefnet for the foto.


Anne Johnson said...

Santa's still a woman when it really counts.

Anti-thesisofreason said...

If the women didn't have all their flax spun by Yule then there would be a chance Holda would bring bad luck to the house, or something along those lines.

I hope you have a happy Yule!