Friday, December 07, 2007


Z. Budapest, one of the great leaders of the Goddess Movement, has been experimenting with hugging:

“…the hug I was experimenting with is ... not just a plain hug. Not an air hug, not a petting hug, nor a boa constrictor hug.

It’s a non-sexual committed hug, when two women embrace each other with heart-on-heart and entrain with each others breathing. This is easy. But when you breathe together, past a minute, old tapes begin to play. Break it off … enough … the urge to stop is great. But if you stay past 2 minutes in this hug magical things begin to happen.

After about two minutes a great crumbling of the walls begins, the warmth of the human heart transcends the personality, you no longer think of this other person as an individual. You stop thinking. Sinking deeper into the hug, I felt a total peace descended on me....


My third [hugging] partner was an experienced darshan receiver…. A very different feeling emerged. Her center was like a hot point, like a heart oven, radiating heat and love to me. I fell into a bliss in her arms, just warming all my loneliness….

Tears came into my eyes.

I looked and saw others tearing up as well.

“How this unconditional love that was so close, so available, was making us all realize how the divine spark, was in all of us if we could stand it past the 2 minutes. Total strangers could transmit to us the unconditional love of the goddess and create a great peace in our hearts."

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BBC said...

Unconditional love on this physical planet is impossible because there are all sorts of conditions to love here.

You yourself have set many conditions to love when dealing with others. And if you stop to think about it you will admit that is true.

Unconditional love is only possible in the cosmos.

And you spend way too much time looking at other religions and beliefs when all you have to do is be spiritual.

Ever heard of KISS hon, I'm sure you have. Keep It Simple Stupid.

You are the living spirit of this planet. How hard is that to understand? Hugs.

Athana said...

bbc, I'm not sure we're talking the same language. I have a feeling we define terms differently: 'unconditional love,' and 'the cosoms,' and 'be spiritual' and 'living spirit' for example. It might take a small book just to sort out what we each mean by those terms.

Paul said...

I can't help feeling that one of the true mark's of a Goddess society would be that we would all be much less fearful of opening to others.

"Non-sexual committed hugs" are essential to our own growth and learning to really feel another's presence. I know from personal experience that such hugs are perfectly possible and hugely important between women and men too.

So much violence in our world is because in patriarchal societies many people find it hard to "hug" themselves - never mind another - and discover their own inner beauty and strength. We have been schooled to set ourselves over and against the other.

How did we allow ourselves to get to the stage where we are fearful of the most natural Goddess thing - being hugged?

Athana said...

Good point, Paul. We can't even hug ourselves. And yes, there's no Goddess society where people are afraid of each other. It's obvious we need to get our minds into a different space than they're in right now. But seeing that is a huge step forward. Just becoming aware of exactly where we are, and also of exactly where we want to be, is half the battle.

You've made some great points here. I hope others come and extend the conversation.