Tuesday, December 11, 2007


This morning I picked up Elinor Gadon’s magnificent The Once and Future Goddess.

It fell open to page 229 and to this: Jungian analyst Edward Whitmont says that “the Goddess is returning in the dreams and fantasies of his patients,” and that “his patients dream differently than they did twenty-five years before, and that the Goddess is omnipresent….”

Do you ever dream about the Goddess? Daydream about Her? What are your dreams like? How often do you have them?
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Anti-thesisofreason said...

Yes I have dreamed of Goddess Usually she is very sensual and her face and body changes taking on the features of all the women I have known in my life, and some I haven't.
The last dream I can remember with Goddess in it, she held a key and then showed me my wild man locked in a garage. I never did get the key from her. :-)

Athana said...

anti-thesis, What a fabulous and fascinating dream. Have you ever tried to "ask" to have a dream explained -- in another dream? Right before you go to sleep, you ask yourself to dream a dream that tells what a previous dream meant or was all about. It would be interesting to see if you could get your dreams to tell you what it means that the Goddess won't give you the key to your wild man.

Of course in the past there were official times of the year when we all could let our wild side "out of the garage." Maybe the Goddess is telling you to try to get something like that started again in the US (you are from the US, aren't you?).

BBC said...

I dream and think about her all the time. But I haven't found her in a human form that can understand us and be with me. The human sides of their brains get in the way of that.

Anti-thesisofreason said...

Athana, Yep I'm from the states!
The dream has stuck with me now for a few years. I read "Iron John" a feew years back by Robert Bly. In the book the author says that the key to every mans "wild man" is held by his mother and he must steal it from her.
I find the similarity between my dream and the book fascinating.

I don't dream that often (at least I don't remember my dreams) so I'm not sure that asking the meaning of a dream to be revealed in another dream would work for me at this point, however, the idea is interesting and maybe I will give it a try in the future.

Most of the time my sleep is interrupted by a child who wakes up in the middle of the night due to some bad dream or something else, gotta love being a parent. Sleep is over rated!!! :-)

Aquila ka Hecate said...

Yes, I do.
Just last night in fact, She was Queen of the Night, black and starry.
She was a representation on a high shelf in a shop, however- so I think I'm trying to tell myself to get a little chummier with Her.

Terri in Joburg

Athana said...

Terri, My personal belief is the dreamer knows more than anyone what the dream means, so your interpretation is probably the best. But here’s what popped into my mind: You’re trying to reach Her, haven’t reached Her yet the way you want to? Or, maybe you’re not sure how to get chummier with Her? Whatever the meaning, it’s a beautiful dream.

Jungman said...

Anti-thesisofreason, the women you knew and the ones you don't yet are all aspects of your anima, and the key that she holds is the key to unlocking your shadow self, all those aspects of yourself that you feel are negative and don't recognise.
I did have a goddess dream some time ago. i dream't of a piano that turned inside out on its own and became a beautiful black african goddess. She was singing the most incredible music that seemed like it could travel to the ends of the earth.