Thursday, September 06, 2007


Go Morgaine over at The_Goddess! Morgaine's putting out the following dynamite idea for someone to pick up (with her help) as a sci-fi TV series:

The idea is to follow the history of the Bible from a sort of "Chariot of the Gods"/ Book of Enoch perspective: Yahweh is a captain of a ship of people called the Annunaki, angels are crew members, Jesus is one of them, and there are competing ships or races that become pantheons of other cultures - Isis leads one ship, her lover Osiris is murdered, etc.

Moses is talking to a hologram, the ark of the convenant is a radio transmitter that allows the humans to communicate with the ship at great distances, Ezekial is taken aboard a ship he describes as a wheel, etc. We see the story from the perspective of the Annunaki, who are observing and interacting with primitive humans. Some, like Yahweh, intend to establish themselves as deities in the minds of the humans; others, like Isis and Jesus, are trying to help civilization develop along peaceful lines.
Go to The_Goddess Sept. 3 for further details.

I'd watch a series like this in a heartbeat -- seven days a week if it were on that often. Think about it: seeing Isis fleshed out as a real being?! What exactly would She be like? How would She interact with Yahweh? How big of a contrast would there be between the deities and the humans?

This kind of show would attract viewers in the kazillions. Everyone's interested in religion these days -- even Atheists! Any such series, however, would definitely demand a consultant conversant with goddess theaology, and Morgaine could serve in that capacity as well as general advisor.
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Anonymous said...

This reminded me of an earlier blog of yours which asked if any of your readers knew of a heterosexual couple that was goddess-oriented because a TV or Hollywood group would be interested. Could you tell us if you or they found such a family? I hope you or they did - it would be wonderful. And if you know how that might be coming along, i'd like to hear about it. Thx from an occasional visitor to your site.

Athana said...

anon, I found no such family. Tim Ward, the author of *Savage Breast* wanted to do it with his wife Teresa, but Teresa had watched the show several times and thought any Goddess couple who appeared on the show would be exploited. So they decided not to do it. I put the idea out to a few groups -- rcgi for example -- and the consensus was the same: the couple'd be ripe for exploitation and humiliation, which wouldn't be great advertisement for the Goddess Community.