Sunday, September 30, 2007


How ‘bout that? Some of the songs on this new album by my friend Kate Schrock made me dance, think and cry -- all at the same time.

"Kate Schrock is a US indie artist / rebel - raised on the coast of Maine - left home at 16 - landed in New York City and then Paris as a run-way model. Met cool people like Wim Wenders & Bill Murray and decided to use her brain and become a writer - enrolled at the University of Chicago to study philosophy and ended up fronting a rock band and transferring to art school (Bennington) where she met more interesting people and started making records and putting them out on her own label (Kakelane).

The status quo never held much fascination for Kate - who has seemed more interested in authentic life experiences than getting record deals. She just released her 6th indie album (2007) - 'Invocation' a collaboration with Legendary horn player Glen DaCosta of 'Bob Marley and the Wailers' fame...." For more go HERE.
To sample a few songs on Kate's new album Invocation, go HERE.

These are songs that roll around in your head and pull and stretch your emotions right out of you. Just like they need to be stretched out of you. Like you have an itch and the songs are the scratch that makes everything alright again.

It’s such a total gift to know someone as smart and talented as Kate. On top of being a gifted musician, she’s just become a mother, and after visiting her and baby Roosevelt yesterday I have a feeling she’s going to be a fab mother, too.

When I held Roo on the porch yesterday what blew me away was how at only four weeks he turned and tilted his head all around for almost five minutes staring at the tree leaves and clouds. And registering all these profound emotions on his face at whatever he was seeing up there.

I think if anyone has what it takes to raise the next generation of Goddess men, it’ll be Kate.

To order Invocation, go to Kate's website. When you order, make sure to tell her Athana sent you.

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BBC said...

I don't listen to much music, except when I feel like going to a dance at the Eagles if one of my favorite bands are there.

But I heard some interesting protest songs at the war protest yesterday.

It appears to me that humankind is doomed, it just keeps getting more crazy here. Most of the women I know are pretty unloving.