Monday, September 24, 2007

TIME FOR Stealing?

Is it time we stole into war-god congregations and made them our own?

It’s important to grok that the Christian-Islamic-Jewish congregation is a unit that can be looked at as totally distinct from The Church, i.e. the rotten war-god hierarchy.

Although they don’t often do it, most congregations would be perfectly capable of flying off on their own, cutting themselves loose from any “higher” organization.

Congregations are simply separate and potentially removable cogs in the war-god Machine. If they’d fly away from god, most over time at least would probably be perfectly capable of shucking off their damaged and damaging baggage (war gods, war songs, fear of women and the human body, etc.).

At the same time however, they could hold on to all the benefits of congregations – the promises of love and support to members, of help to members in need, of help in socializing tots, toddlers and teens; the knowledge of group dynamics and small-group financial systems; and so forth. All it would take would be a few good Goddess followers to join a congregation and slowly convert it to the Goddess. When they discover what we're really all about -- not only the love of Christ but also the love of humor, the human body and that most priceless of all Goddess gifts, love making -- how could any congregation resist us?

Think big is what I always say. Tee hee.
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Anne Johnson said...

Tried it with the United Methodists. Trust me, their house is built on a rock.

KittKatt said...

I share your dream of transforming the “war-god” congregations. I’m trying to make it a reality through my blog and books examining images of Christ as female or gay. My latest post is about a woman Christ painting that was censored. You can read about it at my blog Jesus In Love. Conservatives should not be the only ones who get to define Jesus Christ. Women can take back Jesus for the good of all.