Sunday, July 22, 2007


A few snippets from the saga of a Tennessee Church-of-Christ church:

…One Sunday morning, a church member noticed Mary had a black eye, and he saw something else he didn't like at a church supper.

Rudy Thomsen: Mary was just bubbling, just … just talking to everybody and grinning and cutting up and just having a big time. And then Matthew walked in, and it was like you had taken a switch and flipped it. And her head went down. Her hands came together. She walked around. Totally different than she had been just a second before.
Mary told the jury that in her marriage, abuse started within a few months.

Steve Farese: Tell the jury how he had been physical with you. Mary.

Mary Winkler: Pushed me down. Used his belt. Kick.

Mary testified Matthew spanked the children, and occasionally it got out of hand. She said his actions when Allie was a baby were particularly upsetting.

Mary Winkler: If she was crying and she -- it was time to go to bed. And he would suffocate her to get her -- go-- get quiet and go to sleep.

Steve Farese: What do you mean by suffocate her?

Mary Winkler: He'd pinch her nose and hold her mouth.

Steve Farese: And would -- would you let him do that to your child?

Mary Winkler: I just couldn't stop him.
Mary said she asked for a divorce, which is a taboo in the Church of Christ, and a career-wrecker for Matthew. He said no.

She told the jury she lived in constant fear.
Mary Winkler: He threatened me with a shotgun many times, putting it my face or waving it towards me. He told me if I ever talked backed to him that he would cut me into a million pieces.

And then her attorney showed the jury that shoes just like [ones Matthew forced Mary to wear] were found in pornography -- pornography on Matthew's computer.

It was a preacher's secret: hundreds of Web pages of porn. Mary testified Matthew forced her to look at porn and then forced her to have oral and anal sex.
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Mystified is what I am. Totally. Why would this story shock anyone? This is the land of Jehovah the bully-boy.

Right in the Bible bully-boy says women are evil. You know, Eve chowed down on that apple.

And right in the Bible J. says men are to “subdue” the earth and everything on it. The kid cried and the dude couldn’t sleep. The woman wouldn’t do what he said. What else could he do but cut off the kid’s air supply, and crawl deep into his bag of tricks to subdue the woman?
Fotos of (1) the shoes and wig Mary testified Matthew made her buy and wear during sex; (2) the Winkler family


Aquila ka Hecate said...

I'm also surprised that anyone finds this shocking.

This kind of behaviour is, as you say, built right in to the religions of that arch-psycho,YAJ.

Terri in Joburg

Amy Farmer said...

That probably explains why when it was first revealed that Mrs. winkler would use a domestic violence defense, half the people who knew the couple rushed out to explain that they didn't believe it. I wonder how many of those homes have similar dirty little secrets going on.

Athana said...

Yeah, Amy, TV's 'taught' us that the good guys always *look* good, and the bad, bad. But I'm always struck with how in real life the bad guys don't always look all that bad. Look at Winkler. Looks like such a sweetie, doens't he?

But maybe that's what Jumpin' Jehovah does to men. The ones who got bitten by him are the ones who can look innocent as a kitten while going home every night and beating the living daylights outa the ol' family.

Maybe it's normal men, as opposed to war-god men, who actually look bad in the face when they've done something wrong.

Anonymous said...
This week only, the Now Show discusses the Abrahamic religions :-)

Morgaine said...

Par for the course, I'm afraid. I had an aunt who was married to a religious nut - and I do mean nut - who adopted her illegitimate child, then abused him horribly. He was beating the kid one night when it got out of hand and she jumped between the boy and the belt. It broke all the veins in the back of her leg.

The louder they thump that bible, the sicker they are.