Tuesday, July 24, 2007


When I visited her last month in the Midwest, my friend Kathy gave me a soda-cracker size radio ya hook on your belt and plug in your ears.

Even though my treadmill fuzzes up my other radios, it doesn’t this one, and as I treaded this morning, I heard an aching male voice belt out a powerful tune with this refrain:

“I wanna yearn for you,

“I wanna buuuurn ….

“With passion all over you,

“And only you.”
Coulda knocked me over with a toothpick when I discovered I was listening to a Christian music channel. This dude was singing not to a person, but a god – no doubt Jumpin’ J. Jehovah, or his second, Jesus.

To my mind this brings up a bagga questions.

O Is this sex sublimation? Or not?

O Who listens to these songs? Dudes who can’t find live persons to get personal with?

O Do repeat listeners feel an actual sexual attraction to J.J. (or Jesus)?

O In fact, what is the relationship between spirituality and sexuality?

O Unlike Jumpin’ J., the Goddess expects and encourages us to enjoy all our senses -- to the fullest. So should we sing songs like this for Goddess?

O Why or why not?
thnx to Buck82 for the foto


Anne Johnson said...

I have missed a lot of great posts here while I've been away. Real food for thought. The concept of hell was one big reason I dropped Christianity. The other one was that, after I had children, I could see that Goddess love was the strongest bond of all.

Aquila ka Hecate said...

You can see a lot of sexual sublimation in Christianity-especially the evangelical kind.

Women (and men) adopt postures of sexual subservience in their 'enraptured' states, and then of course there's all that talk and song about a personal relationship with Jesus.
Sometimes it seems as if Christians have abandoned the idea of God as a transcendent spirit in favour of the more earthly attributes of Jesus.

But it rings very false to me.
Sex is good, not a source of sin, so I have no need to sublimate it.

Terri in Joburg

Morgaine said...

Oh, it's a twisted little trick theses Xtians do - they tell you it's a "sin" to fulfill your biological imperative then they get you to focus your forbidden lust on cute hippie-rock boy messiah. Because this only allows a type of emotional release, their sexual tension builds and backs up on them. The power structure then twists this pent up energy into racist, sexist aggression. You just can't get a person into a genocidal rage if s/he's just had an orgasm. That's why they don't like Pagans - we have too much sex to be controlled by them.

To anyone who thinks there's a difference between sex and religion, I submit that you ain't doin' it right. We exist because the Goddess got off (scientists call it the Big Bang- hee!) and we exist to do as much of that as we want. Hail, Aphrodite!

At the risk of wandering into a field of dichotomies, you can look at it from a Freudian perspective. The two basic drives according to Sigmund are eros - sexuality and thanatos - the drive toward death. Goddess = fucking; god = killing.

Me, I'm with the Goddess. I'm a lover, not a fighter.

lizz.duff said...

OK, everyone who did not start this life with at least one orgasm (hopefully two), raise your hand.

Unless you're Dolly the cloned sheep, I bet all of you raised your hands. We all started with a big bang inside our complete-unto-itself universe: our Mom's womb. Why do we have trouble accepting orgasms are hard-wired into us from the outset?

So, Goddess celebrates and sacralizes sex as natural, necessary and 'ego-dissolving', meaning ecstatic.

For me, spirit and sex are the twin strands of my DNA helix. Inseparable. My worship of my Goddess is overtly sexual.

Any religion where you can't have sex with your deity--or experience Her in your sex--ain't worth a hoot.

Plus, without the release of sacred orgasms, our species goes to war to compensate. War is not even sublimated sex. It is the overt profaning of sex. War is pornography.

If you doubt, I encourage you to view the paintings of Seattle artist Selma Waldman. Her exhibit, "Naked/Aggression: Profile of the Armed Perpetrator", is now hanging in The Hague, the center of major war crimes tribunals in Europe.

Her stuff will change you.

Information email: thehagueproject@msn.com

"Make Love Not War".

Love to all Goddess worshippers, our time is coming!


Athana said...

"Without the release of sacred orgasms, our species goes to war to compensate." I suspect that's what YAJ had in mind all along, right from the very beginning.

Amy Farmer said...

I agree with all of the above, I especially like Morgaine's Goddess=fucking, God=death.

Sravana said...

My very VERY conservative Lutheran calls that "music" (using the term loosely) the "Jesus is my boyfriend" songs.