Sunday, May 28, 2006

Bible Quiz

Sorry, dear readers that I’ve been so incommunicado lately. My deep apologies. I’m in the throes of the same writing course I mentioned several weeks ago.

Here’s an organization you’ve probably all heard of, but for those of you who haven’t, it’s worth checking out: Freedom from Religion Dot Org. (What they really mean is, freedom from the war gods Jehovah, Yahweh, Allah, Zeus, etcetera. They just don't know it.)

Go HERE to take their quiz “What Do You Really Know
About the Bible?” I got 26 out of 50. I know you can do better.


Anonymous said...

hi, just found your site recently, have read most of your postings and am now very interested in reading more of your writing. could you post on your site the full articles you mention you've published or give us the actual dates of their publication in SageWoman, etc. issues so we could find them outselves? thanx so much, Martie

Athana said...

At this point, Martie, I feel a need to stay anonymous. It leaves me freer to say exactly what I think needs to be said, and to be as outrageous as I feel like being. The articles in SageWoman, Matrifocus and PanGaia are under my real name, and what I wrote there doesn't really parallel what I write in RGT. But thanks for your interest! If you'd like to read more of the kinds of things I write here, read anything by Barbara Walker. Scroll down the column to the right, and you'll see a picture of Barbara Walker's The Women's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets. You can click on that picture and go directly to to buy a copy. I see that you can get one now for as little as $6.43.

Another excellent, excellent book that will give you the same kind of thing as you'll read here is Sjoo and Mor's The Great Cosmic Mother.

Walker, Sjoo and Mor are as angry as I am about what's been done to us by and for the god religions. They are as frustrated as I am that people just can't see how we're shooting ourselves in our own feet, daily.

Someone not so angry, but just as concerned is Jean Shinoda Bolen. Actually, Bolen may be as angry. She just writes in a way that is more gentle, less in-your-face.

Go to You can read reviews of all the books of all four of these excellent writers. There are many more, but these will give you a good start.

And Martie, thanks for caring about this vital topic.

Anne Johnson said...

I only got a 24 on the test. I didn't check my answers. You'd think after 46 years of regular Christian church attendance I'd do better than that. But of course, this quiz covered all the nasty stuff the nice preachers don't talk about.

Morgaine said...

I found myself waffling on the answers, so I did two tests simultaneously. The first had the more reasonable choices, the latter, my more cynical responses. Reasonable scored me a 29. Cynical scored me a 42 - according to the site itself that's "more than a minister, priest or a rabbi" which, I must say, explains a lot. Something is wrong when the most negative answers you can pick are the right ones. Something is very, very wrong.

Anonymous said...

well, interesting test, tho the questions are really about peripheral issues and fail to take into account symbolic actions or accounts...for instance, the protrayal of satan as having seven heads is highly symboolic, yet the test suggests it be taken literally.

weird. but typical.

Elle said...

hi, just found your blog courtesy of Nelle...

I got 34. It's a tricky test, as a lot is based on interpretation - the Bible is extremely self-contradictory.