Sunday, June 11, 2006

The DaVinci Code -- What's the Focus?

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In my writing course today I was reminded of all of you when I wrote the following:

"William, you say the 'selling point' of The DaVinci Code is the discovery of a conspiracy meant to maintain the "myth" of Christ's divinity.'

I look at it this way: the book is about the discovery of a conspiracy meant to keep female divinity dead and buried.

The evidence is strong that most human groups initially worshipped female divinity; that warrior-male-divinity groups arose several thousand years ago (why is a whole separate topic); and that they’ve gradually taken over the globe -- until today they’re ready to duke it out with weapons of world destruction.

Christians and Muslims are simply the descendants of these destructive, primitive, warrior-male-divinity dunderheads."


Seven Star Hand said...

Hello Athana,
Here's some detailed insight into the backstory and subplot of the DaVinci Code and related books and texts. Guess what, your analysis has significant evidence to support it...

Most have totally missed the point that the Gnostic texts and others are making. First, they refer to symbolic males and females, hence the philosophical masculine and feminine nature and character. All the Gnostic texts are philosophical and symbolic treatises, not literal narratives. When you try to interpret any of these ancient texts (including the Bible) as literal, you will always come to the wrong conclusions.

You may not initially agree with everything I reveal, but please be a little patient with my long-winded presentation of what I have waited a very long time to be able to say. I promise to amaze and enlighten.

Contrary to those who strive to assert that the DaVinci Code created the term, symbology is an ancient philosophical technology and I am a real life symbologist. Likewise, the upper-level members of secret societies such as Freemasons, Rosicrucians, Illumanti, and the Vatican are symbologists. Keeping their "craft" secretive and misunderstood is a purposeful ploy designed to hide the truth about ancient wisdom and the symbology used to model, encapsulate, and encode it. The title "mason" is itself a symbolic allusion to those who work with the "Philosophers' Stone" which is the symbolic name given to an ancient body of symbology, hence "Masons" are workers of "stone."

Read Proverbs 9:1 below to better understand this allusion.

Wisdom has built Her house. She has carved out Her seven pillars.

Notice that "wisdom" is referred to as "Her" and "She", as in Sophia and Miriam (the Magdala), and that "She" has "hewn" "Her" "seven pillars" (of stone)? Read my Home Page to see what those seven pillars of "stone" have always referred to, contrary to what religions and mysticism have said for millennia.


Here is the key to understanding what the Vatican and Papacy truly fear...

Pay close attention, profundity knocks at the door, listen for the key. Be Aware! Scoffing causes blindness...

Here's a real hot potato! Eat it up, digest it, and then feed it's bones to the hungry...

There's much more to the story of the Vatican's recent machinations than meets the eye. It's not the DaVinci Code or Gospel of Judas per se, but the fact that people have now been motivated to seek out the unequivocal truth about an age of deception, exactly when they expect me to appear. These recent controversies are spurring people to reevaluate the Vatican/Papacy and the religions that Rome spawned, at the worst possible time for them.

Remember, "I come as a thief..." ?

Read verse twelve of the Gospel of Thomas to understand who I am...

The DaVinci Code novel and movie are no more inaccurate as literal versions of history than the New Testament. The primary sub-plot involved purposeful symbology being used to encode hidden meanings, exactly like the Bible and related texts. In other words, none of these stories represent the literal truth. This is the common and pivotal fact of all such narratives about ancient Hebrew and Christian history. Debating whether the DaVinci Code, Gnostic texts, or the Bible are accurate history is a purposeful ploy designed to hide the truth by directing your inquiry away from the heart of the matter.

There is a foolproof way to verify the truth and expose centuries-old religious deceptions. It also proves why we can no longer let the Vatican tell us what to think about ancient history or much else. It is the common thread connecting why the ancient Hebrews, Yahad/Essene, Jews, Gnostics, Cathars, Templars, Dead Sea Scrolls, DaVinci Code, and others have been targets of Rome’s ire and evil machinations. The Vatican and its secret society cohorts don’t want you to understand that the ancient Hebrew symbology in all of these texts purposely encodes and exposes the truth about them. Furthermore, the structure of ancient wisdom symbology verifiably encodes the rules to decode messages built with it. This is what they most fear you will discover.

If the Bible represented the literal truth or even accurate history, there would be no need for faith in the assertions of deceptive and duplicitous clergy and their ilk. It is undeniable the New Testament is awash with ancient Hebrew symbolism and allegory. The same is evidenced in the Old Testament, Dead Sea Scrolls, Gnostic texts, biblical apocrypha, Quran, DaVinci Code, and other related sources. All ancient religious, mystical, and wisdom texts have been shrouded in mystery for millennia for one primary reason: The ability to understand their widely evidenced symbology was lost in antiquity. How do we finally solve these ages-old mysteries? To recast an often-used political adage: It’s [the] symbology, stupid!

It is beyond amazing that the Vatican still tries to insist the Gospels are the literal truth. Every miracle purported for Jesus has multiple direct symbolic parallels in the Old Testament, Apocalypse, Dead Sea Scrolls, and other symbolic narratives and traditions. Recasting the symbolism of earlier Hebrew texts as literal events in the New Testament is one of the central deceptions associated with Christianity. This is part of the secret knowledge held by the ancient Gnostics, Templars, Cathars, and others, which is presented with dramatic effect in the DaVinci Code. None of these narratives or stories were ever intended as the literal truth. This fact is the key to unraveling many ages-old mysteries and exposing the truth about the Vatican's long-term deceptions.

Moreover, the following Washington Post article (The Book of Bart) describes how many changes and embellishments were made to New Testament texts over the centuries, unequivocally demonstrating they are not original, infallible, or truthful. When you combine proof that the New Testament Gospels are not wholly literal with proof that these texts were heavily reworked in the early years of Christianity, you are left with only one possible conclusion. The Vatican has long lied to everyone about the central tenets and history of Christianity. This revelation also proves they are not the Creator’s representatives but Her long-time opponents. The recent hoopla over the Gospel of Judas and DaVinci Code demonstrates they are still desperately trying to deceive the world and obfuscate their true nature and activities.

It's no wonder the Vatican fears the truth more than anything else. As further proof of these assertions, seek to understand the symbolic significance of my name (Seven Star Hand) and you will have proof beyond disproof that Jews, Christians, and Muslims have long been duped by the great deceivers I warned humanity about over the millennia. What then is the purpose of "faith" but to keep good people from seeking to understand the truth?

Now comes justice, hot on its heels... (symbolism...)

Not only do I talk the talk, I walk the walk...
Here is Wisdom!!

Revelations from the Apocalypse


Anne Johnson said...

I'm glad Druids didn't write their stuff down.

Morgaine said...

HEy, When did you get back?!

Morgaine said...

And let me add, that the "symbology" was developed to separate the people from their own spritual connection. Patriarchal religions are slave sytems with an elite few holding all the power, whether they be Priests or Kings.

True wisdom is going back before Big Daddy reared his hateful head and working with our Mother.

Anonymous said...

She is not as dead and buried as it may seem. Some little-known facts about the origin of the American flag: It is said to have been inspired by George Washington's coat-of-arms, but even the little cherry chopper himself may not have been aware of the ancient symbolism hidden in his heraldic stars and stripes. The much maligned number thirteen, vilified for its connection with the ancient goddess, became freakishly acceptable when it came to the thirteen colonies.

The Goddess' traditional white, red and blue--an ancient trinity referring to her 3 life stages of maiden, mother, and elder--have survived in the flags of more than one modern country. Old Glory's stripes recall the red & white streamers, symbols of the Goddess' purity and menstrual blood, that fertility dancers suggestively wrapped around the May pole.

And most ironic of all, Her place as Queen of Heaven still finds its expression in the starry blue field of a flag that "religious right" patriots, unfamiliar with Her symbols, hoist as a weapon of defiance against Her. Ditto for the Muslims' lunar crescent and Ishtar-inspired star (Ishtar=Lady Star). High above both groups, the Goddess will have the last laugh.

Morgaine said...

Athana - long time, no post! How's the book coming?

Athana said...

Hey, Morgaine, you're right -- long time no post! I'm still plugging away on the book.