Sunday, May 14, 2006


Oh, this is so wonderful! Russia has just called America a "wolf" (Straight out of one of our fairy tales, said Putin), and so they're going to start a military build-up again.

Isn't this fantastic? After 35 terrifying years we finally end the Cold War, and Bushette manages to start it up again. How'd Bushy-Boy get so talented?


Anne Johnson said...

Bushie had some choice words for Putin too. So glad you're back! Missed ya.

Morgaine said...

I miss you, too!

Shrub is such an ass, he has Russia calling us the bad guys. What a freaking tool. I wish they'd get on with the impeachment.

Sage Ivy Beryl said...

This is what happens when parents teach their child that they are above all others. He has systematically torn this country to shred and then put us into danger with every other country worried about him starting a war with them. He should not only be impeached he should be tried for war crimes as well.