Saturday, March 22, 2014


If humanity doesn’t switch back to its old mother goddesses soon, it will lolligag on down the road after the dinosaurs to extinction.   

Today the world falls on its knees in front of war gods: Jehovah, Allah, Yahweh, Indra, Odin (Wodan), Mars, Ares.  When they worshiped gods, China and Japan too worshipped war gods: Huangdi and Hachiman. 

When you worship war gods, you do war. 

Something called Starvation Culture gave rise to the first institutionalized war and war deities.  When the deserts of North Africa and Central Asia formed ca 4000 BC, many of the world’s first farmers starved to death.  A new way of life sprang up, one based on fear of never having enough – food, water, women, love, pocket change -- whatever.  

The result?  The birth of institutionalized taking-behavior: stealing, warring, raping, enslaving – these are all the same thing: taking what doesn’t belong to you, out of a subconscious, irrational fear of never having enough. 

The fix?  Sacking Starvation Culture and its deities.  Coming home to deities pushing Love Culture, which says ya treat everyone the way healthy mothers treat their kids. 

Want to know more?  Get your hands on a copy of Switching to Goddess, sold at most online bookstores near you.  
Thanks to Sensinor for the picture; go HERE to see more of his/her work.  


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